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  • Tripod/ Monopod Heads
    Ball Head
    Manufactured for guaranteed precision, rugged durability, and a lifetime of trouble-free performance.
    Gimbal Head
    This head is ideal for long telephoto lens photography all the way down to short macro lens photography.
    Monopod Head
    A compact and light weight monopod heads featuring KES Arca-style Quick Release Clamps.
  • Quick Release
    Quick Release Clamps
    KES QR Clamps remain mounted to your tripod head and are engineered with safety stop relief grooves that provide improved versatility when mated with KES camera plates.
  • Camera Mounting
    Quickly release, turn,
    and remount your camera for either a horizontal or vertical shot – no more flipping your tripod head on its side or upsetting your shooting position.
    Camera Plates
    A quick release system not only lets you work more quickly, you'll find you can mount your equipment to your tripod head more securely with less risk of vibration or slipping.
    Smart Phone Mounting
    Now you can attach your Smart Phone to any quick release mounting system that utilizes the Arca style Quick Release. The bracket is small and lightweight making it perfect for travel.
  • Lens Mounting
    Lens Plates
    Some of our lens plates feature precisely contoured anti-twist flanges or a non-pivoting lip design, while others offer mounting screws.
    Replacement Lens Collar
    A KES replacement collar will drastically improve your lens performance and optical results.
    Replacement Lens Foot
    A KES replacement foot has the dovetail built in, allowing for a lower profile, lighterweight, and the best possible stability.
  • Rails
    Save time and improve results when shooting precise macro work by using our geared-track focusing rail, slide rail or our long rail plate.
  • Tripods & Supports
    KES Low Angle Pod
    Great for low angle shots and tight spots. Useful for wildlife and landscape photography. More stable when shooting in sand, mud, or snow.
    Window Mount
    KES heavy duty window mount combines compact convenience and versatility with the sturdy precision of a quality tripod
    Low Pod Mount
    The low pod mount is essential for macro closeups in the field.
    The mini table top tripod is a extremely sturdy miniature tripod.
  • Flash Brackets
    Telephoto Flash Brackets
    For lenses with a tripod collar
    For telephoto flash work, day or night, KES Telephoto flash bracket is an indispensable tool for outdoor photographers everywhere. This bracket enables you to produce the much needed catch light or foreground fill lighting for your subject.
    Macro Flash Bracket
    For camera bodies
    These Macro flash brackets are designed for installation on camera bodies and lenses. We offer 2 different models. All offer a deluxe multi-joint system to allow positioning of your flash.
  • Additional Products
    Close Up & Macro
    KES offers many different solutions to help you when taking close up and macro shots.
    Grips & Straps
    Add endless possibilities with stability to your cameras or lenses.
    Smart Phone Mounting
    The phone mount is small and lightweight. Making it perfect for travel.
    Misc Parts & Tools
    Missing that hard to find screw? KES has what you need to back to shooting.

G1 gimbal head

Part # : G1

Availability: In stock

G1 gimbal head is available for purchase in increments of 1

Quick overview

KES G1 gimbal head




Availability: In stock

Shipping Policy

Cut off time for shipping is 3pm Eastern Standard Time. Orders received after 3pm will be shipped the next business day.

Our new gimbal head has been in the development process for two years, utilizing a lot of customer feedback, resulting in some unique and patented features.

The biggest concern with some of the heads currently on the market is they have extremely loose movements or to the other extreme, being very tight. When we developed the new G1 gimbal head, we made the unique feature of being able to tension both the pan and tilt axis. What this means for you, is the ability to choose the tension that you prefer and also allows for quicker and easier set up on the balance of the tilt axis with the ability to switch between teleconverters and camera bodies without having to re-balance the tilt axis.

Another unique feature on our head is the push button pan lock allowing for quick and easy set up and removal on the tripod. Our slotted quick release gives you the ability to offset your balance point so longer and bulky quick release plates are not required to achieve the balance point.

It can easily convert from a full gimbal head to a lighter weight, side mount gimbal.



  • Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and stainless
  • Both pan and tilt pivots run on full ball and needle bearings for an ultra smooth and precsion movements
  • Both pan and tilt pivots feature the ability to set tensions to your preferences
  • Adjustable arca-style quick release
  • Large easy to grip captive knobs
  • Spring loaded panning lock for easy removal and installation
  • Custom designed neoprene storage bag, which can be used off or on a tripod


  • Load capacity: 80 lbs
  • Width of full gimbal: 5.000"
  • Height of full gimbal: 9.800"
  • Length of full gimbal: 9.000"
  • Base diameter: 2.860"
  • Tripod mount thread size: 3/8-16
  • Quick release length: 4.200"
  • Quick release design: Arca-style
  • Weight as a full gimbal: 4 lbs
  • Weight as a side mount gimbal: 3.15 lbs
  • Warranty: 10 year

Product Brochure

G1 instructions