Dear Kirk, I want to commend you on an awesome product. I am the proud owner of a Kirk BH3 and your Nodal Rail mounted on a Feisol tripod. The weekend before last I was photographing a frozen waterfall in the Adirondacks when I put my tripod down to start to set up the shot, it slid and fell off the 150ft cliff(camera was not attached). I did not have the time nor the energy to hike around the cliff and into the valley to try and recover it. I did however return this past weekend on a rescue mission with ropes and carabiners, prepared to rappel of the cliff to recover my equipment. Before I rappelled I hiked into the valley and after a short search, I noticed my tripod, ball head and nodal rail sticking out of the snow. A short while later I had recovered my setup. I am writing this email because after falling off a cliff and spending a week in the Adirondack snow at sub zero temperatures, it is working perfectly with only a few minor nicks. I am extremely impressed with the product and this has made me a life time user. Many thanks to you Kirk! Attached is a picture taken that weekend before I dropped it. All the best, Jeremy A. Raffer